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Better communications. Smarter technology.

When you meet someone from the north, remember that they continued forward while others turned back.

If you want to survive in the north, you need to do it all. At Northweather, we are a digital consultancy with extensive experience in technology and communications industries. We leverage these skillsets to provide better insights, find better markets and build better products. If you're looking for assistance with digital advertising, engagement, online strategy or a custom built web application, consider dropping Northweather a line.

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Richard Einarson

President & CEO

Richard is a strategic marketing and engagement strategist with over 17 years of leadership experience in the technology and communications industries.

Richard has experience in a variety of senior leadership roles with a wide range of responsibilities. His roles have included leadership of large-scale online/social advertising campaigns, strategic marketing and communications, social media and word of mouth promotion, product development, client service, and project management.

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Brooke Campbell


As VP Client Services for Northweather, Brooke brings over 10 years of marketing, communication, crowdsourcing and project management experience. Brooke’s focus is on client relationship management and strategic advice - applying these to communications technologies – actively working with clients to ensure their objectives are met.

Outside of her client facing role, Brooke also collaborates with the product development team, providing input on corporate strategy and product development.

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Chris Hunt


As VP Technology and Chief Architect for Northweather, Chris brings 10+ years of software development, architecture design, and team leadership to Northweather development projects.

Chris comes to the team with 5+ years in a SOX-compliant multi-national IT department, as well as 5+ years in a dynamic startup environment. With technical expertise ranging from .NET to MEAN-stack, and WordPress to SharePoint, Chris is able to take a technology agnostic approach to solution designing, and ensure the right tool is used for the job.

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Zain Velji


As VP Strategy for Northweather, Zain brings a decade of experience in political, business, and non-profit communications, as well as marketing and engagement. Zain has managed and provided senior counsel to clients in several areas including microtargeting, digital integration, brand strategy, and grassroots mobilization.

Zain is a regular political commentator who appears weekly on CBC radio and television. In addition, Zain serves on the board of the YMCA Calgary, Calgary Reads, and The Canadian Children's Book Centre. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shaper community.

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